Volume 7

Volume 7 (2002)

Numbers One, Two, and Three


M. Francis Mannion, “Remodeling the RCIA”

7.1, pp. 2-4

Timothy V. Vaverek, “Changes at Antiphon”

7.3, pp. 2-4


John F. Baldovin, S.J., “‘Lo, the Full Final Sacrifice’: On the Seriousness of Christian Liturgy”

7.1, pp. 10-17

John Saward, “The Cosmic Liturgy and the Way of the Lamb: Retrieving the Tradition of Spiritual Exegesis of the Mass”

7.1, pp. 18-29

David W. Fagerberg, “Theosis in a Roman Key? The Conferences of Columba Marmion”

7.1, pp. 30-39

Timothy V. Vaverek, “The Controversy over Symbols: Roots of the Conflict in the Misuse of Eucharisticum Mysterium 55″

7.2, pp. 10-20

Edward Schaefer, “The Expressive and Formative Roles of Music: A Search for Balance in Liturgical Reform”

7.2, pp. 21-36

Steven W. Semes, “Living Stones? The Formative Power of Architecture in the Church”

7.3, pp. 8-13

Robert Barron, “The Liturgical Act and the Church of the 21st Century”

7.3, pp. 14-20

Gerard F. Baumbach, “The Baptismal Catechumenate: Inspiration for Catechesis”

7.3, pp. 21-28

Ad Fontes

Lauren Pristas, “Missale Romanum 1962 and 1970: A Comparative Study of Two Collects”

7.3, pp. 29-33


Mary M. Schaefer, “Implementing Liturgiam authenticam: A Response to Bruce Harbert”

7.1, pp. 40-45


Mark E. Bradford, “The Appeal of Henryk Grecki”

7.1, pp. 5-6

Owen Cummings, “Christianity as Doxology”

7.1, pp. 7-9

Gerhard Ludwig Müller, “Can Mankind Understand the Spirit of the Liturgy Anymore?”

7.2, pp. 2-5

Michael J. McCallion and David R. Maines, “Divergences in Professional and Lay Views of Church Priorities”

7.2, pp. 6-9

Book Reviews

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, The Spirit of the Liturgy Reviewed by David W. Fagerberg

7.1, pp. 46-50

Glenn W. Olsen, editor, Christian Marriage: A Historical Study Reviewed by Daniel G. Van Slyke

7.2, pp. 37-40

Geoffrey Wainwright, Lesslie Newbigin — A Theological Life Reviewed by Bernhard A. Eckerstorfer, O.S.B.

7.2, pp. 40-41


Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, Presentation of the Third Editio typica of the Roman Missal

7.1, pp. 53-55

Pope John Paul II, Message to the Vox Clara  Committee

7.1, p. 56

Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, The Nova Vulgata and Liturgical Translation

7.2, pp. 42-44

Bishop Samuel J. Aquila, Send Forth Your Spirit

7.3, pp. 34-41