Volume 18

Volume 18 (2014)

Numbers One, Two, and Three


Uwe Michael Lang, “From the Editor”

18.1, p. 2

Uwe Michael Lang, “From the Editor”

18.2, p. 114

Addresses and Essays

Bishop Joseph N. Perry, “Marriage: The Conversation Continues”

18.1, pp. 3-9

David W. Fagerberg, “On Liturgical Marriage”

18.1, pp. 10-31

Robert Fastiggi, “The Ends of Marriage according to the 1917 and the 1983 Codes of Canon Law in Light of Vatican II”

18.1, pp. 32-47

Rolando Moreno, “The Communal Nature of Marriage and the Missionary Dimension of the Domestic Church”

18.1, pp. 48-68

David H. Delaney, “The Nuptial Mystery, the Sacrament of Marriage and John Paul II’s Man and Woman He Created Them”

18.1, pp. 69-105

Michael P. Foley, “Coins and Care-Cloths: The Mystagogical Value of Traditional Wedding Customs”

18.2, pp. 115-143

Ansgar Santogrossi, O.S.B., “Presumption of Law, Fiction of Law and Ecumenism”

18.2, pp. 144-164

David M. Friel, “The Propriety of the Propers: Toward the Independence of Liturgical Chant and Popular Hymnody”

18.2, pp. 165-197

Dylan Schrader, “The Revision of the Feast of Christ the King”

18.3, pp. 227-253

John M. Pepino, “Cassandra’s Curse: Louis Bouyer, the Liturgical Movement, and the Post-Conciliar Reform of the Mass”

18.3, pp. 254-300

Book Reviews

Lauren Pristas, The Collects of the Roman Missals: A Comparative Study of the Sundays in Proper Seasons before and after the Second Vatican Council Reviewed by Thomas M. Kocik

18.1, pp. 106-109

Bruce T. Morrill, S.J., Divine Worship and Human Healing: Liturgical Theology at the Margins of Life and DeathReviewed by Anne McGowan

18.2, pp. 198-200

Anscar J. Chupungco, O.S.B., What, Then, Is Liturgy? Musings and Memoir Reviewed by Leonard J. DeLorenzo

18.2, pp. 201-203

Eamon Duffy, Marking the Hours: English People and their Prayers, 1240–1570, and Saints, Sacrilege and Sedition: Religion and Conflict in the Tudor Reformations Reviewed by Stephen M. Metzger

18.2, pp. 203-207

Paul F. Bradshaw and Maxwell E. Johnson, The Eucharistic Liturgies: Their Evolution and InterpretationReviewed by Michael B. Wurtz, C.S.C.

18.2, pp. 207-209

Garry Wills, Font of Life: Ambrose, Augustine, and the Mystery of Baptism Reviewed by Nathaniel Peters

18.2, pp. 209-212

Scott Hahn, Consuming the Word: The New Testament and the Eucharist in the Early Church Reviewed by Michael Heintz

18.2, pp. 212-214

Kevin Irwin, What We Have Done, What We Have Failed to Do Reviewed by David W. Fagerberg

18.2, pp. 214-216

Jean-Pierre Torrell, O.P., A Priestly People: Baptismal Priesthood and Priestly Ministry Reviewed by David W. Fagerberg

18.2, pp. 216-218

Francis Cardinal Arinze, The Layperson’s Distinctive Role Reviewed by Mark A. Gurtner

18.2, pp. 218-220

Saint Isaac Jogues Illuminated Missal, Lectionary, and Gradual Reviewed by Andrew Motyka

18.2, pp. 220-223

John D. Laurance, The Sacrament of the Eucharist and Michael G. Witczak, The Sacrament of BaptismReviewed by Timothy O’Malley

18.3, pp. 301-303

Walter D. Ray, Tasting Heaven on Earth: Worship in Sixth-Century Constantinople Reviewed by Brian Dunkle, S.J.

18.3, pp. 304-306

Robert F. Slesinski, The Holy Theotokos: In Festal Commemoration Reviewed by Leonard J. DeLorenzo

18.3, pp. 306-309

Robert F. Slesinski, The Holy Apostolate: The Liturgy after the Liturgy Reviewed by Todd J. Velianski

18.3, pp. 309-311

Guerric DeBona, O.S.B., Between the Ambo and the Altar: Biblical Preaching and The Roman Missal, Year AReviewed by Jake Runyon

18.3, pp. 312-314

Saint Edmund Campion Missal & Hymnal for the Traditional Latin Mass (Second Edition) Reviewed by Dominic Popplewell, FSSP

18.3, pp. 314-317

John F. Romano, Liturgy and Society in Early Medieval Rome Reviewed by Stephen M. Metzger

18.3, pp. 317-319

Gerard Deighan, Ed., Celebrating the Eucharist: Sacrifice and Communion. Proceedings of the Fifth Fota International Liturgical Conference, 2012 Reviewed by Uwe Michael Lang

18.3, pp. 320-321